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Josef Heinrich Grebing

Josef Heinrich Grebing, "ROMA - Stadt Gottes", vor 1921, Inv. Nr. 608 recto © Sammlung Prinzhorn, Universitätsklinikum Heidelberg
Josef Heinrich Grebing, „Das Closettpapier. Extemporalaufsatz von Josef Heinr. Grebing.“, um 1908, Inv. Nr. 1090/200 (2914) © Sammlung Prinzhorn, Universitätsklinikum Heidelberg

(Magdeburg 1879 – 1940 Grafeneck)

After completing several years of business training in Rostock, Berlin and finally Mannheim, Grebing dared the experiment of self-employment around 1900 – and failed. This failure turned out to be the turning point of his life. Bankruptcy, accusations of embezzlement and a four-month stay in prison fundamentally changed Grebing's life.
After a suicide attempt in Vienna in 1906, he spent two years in an asylum there before being taken to the Heidelberg psychiatric clinic, and then to Wiesloch in 1908.